...or, I Want to Live on a Dahlia Farm

Two Pony Gardens is a little slice of heaven just west of Minneapolis. They grow and sell dahlias and heirloom tomatoes and they host regular pizza nights during the growing season. When I got an e-mail inviting people to the farm to wander around and enjoy the last of the dahlias, I could barely contain my excitement. Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers (thanks to my dear friend Rachel and her Daybreak Dahlias), and I'm always trying to remind myself to shoot more just for fun. I don't know how long I wandered through those narrow rows of blooms, my feet cold and wet, happily clicking away, stopping every so often to play with an energetic chocolate lab puppy, but by the time I left I felt like I was floating. Pure bliss. I'm sharing just a fraction of the photos I took that morning. Huge thanks to Lisa for the invitation, the apples, and for creating this pocket of beauty.